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Electric Power Quality

Transients and harmonics in power systems, analysis methods and mitigation practices. Causes of power quality problems and relationship to equipment susceptibility.

Power Electronics

Introduces power semiconductor devices and power electronic converters,
including single-phase and three-phase ac/dc rectifiers, ac voltage
controllers, dc/dc converters and dc/ac inverters.

Electric Machinery Analysis

Advanced theory of AC machines, including AC motor winding design, finite element analysis, induction motor design, permanent magnet machine design, and synchronous machine dynamics. Credit not allowed for both ECE 4335 and ECE 6335.

Electromagnetic and Microwave Applications

presents concepts of electromagnetics applied to the design of microwave/RF circuits, modules, and systems encompassing transmission and radiation for applications up to optical frequencies

Antenna Engineering

Basic theory, application, and design of a broad range of antennas.

Antenna Engineering Laboratory

Experimentation to develop a practical understanding of antennas and their properties.

Introduction to Radar and Electromagnetic Sensing

Radar transmission, scattering, detection. Air traffic control, meteorological, others. Signal processing, doppler shifts, tracking, estimation, rain and clutter, atmospheric propagation, antennas. Remote sensing, LIDAR, SONAR.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

To study electromagnetic interference and susceptibility of electrical
systems, with application to analog and digital circuits.

RF Engineering I

Radio frequency (RF) electronics concentrating on receiver components and architecture from 1 MHz to 1 GHz, including Smith charts, low noise amplifiers, and mixers.

RF Engineering II

Radio frequency (RF) electronics concentrating on transmitter components and architecture from 1 MHz to 1 GHz, including power amplifiers, oscillators, phase-locked loops, and transmitters.

Digital Integrated Circuits

Analysis and design of MOS digital integrated circuit families
and their applications in modern electronic systems.

Analog Integrated Circuits

Analysis and design of analog ICs using analytic techniques and CAD tools.
Topics include amplifiers, current sources, output circuits and other
analog building blocks.

Operational Amplifier Design

Analysis and design techniques for the utilization of integrated circuit
operational amplifiers for applications in electronic systems.

Audio Engineering

Concepts of acoustics and electroacoustic modeling for the analysis and design of microphones, loudspeakers, and crossover networks. Methods of analysis and design of audio power amplifiers.

Audio Engineering Laboratory

A companion laboratory to ECE 4445. Design, analysis, construction, modeling, and testing of circuits and systems pertaining to audio engineering.

Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis

Circuits from classic analog synthesizers: voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers; nonlinear waveshapers. Operational transconductance amplifiers. Exploitation of dynamic resistance of semiconductors. Hands-on projects.

Integrated Circuit Fabrication

Introduction to microelectronic processing technologies and CMOS. Includes a laboratory for fabrication/testing of MOS transistors, basic CMOS circuits, integrated resistors and capacitors.

Introduction to Electronic Systems Packaging

Introduction to packaging technologies, technology drivers, electrical
performance, thermal management, materials, optoelectronics, RF
integration, reliability, system issues, assembly, and testing.

Optical Engineering

Introduction to applications of geometric & physical optics to
engineering, including optical measurements, matrix methods,
instruments, interference, holography, beam optics, Fourier
optics & diffraction.

Optical Fiber Communications

Combined lecture-laboratory exploration of the technology of fiber optics, with emphasis on optical fiber communication systems.
Friday, 24 March 2023 3:34 PM EDT