Electrical engineering (EE) and computer engineering (CmpE) disciplines have become more interdisciplinary and complex in both industry and research, expanding from basic circuit design (EE) and computer architecture (CmpE) to areas as disparate as neuroscience and cybersecurity. The rapid emergence of new technologies and areas of research require that we provide our students with flexibility to explore and create unique degree experiences that fit their long-term goals and interests. Additionally, our curriculum model must exhibit the flexibility to modify, adapt, and/or change the areas in which we prepare students for the future they will face on entering their engineering careers.

As of summer 2021, the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has adopted a threaded model for both the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Threads involve the grouping of required and elective courses along specified topics and paths relevant to the electrical and/or computer engineers of the future. Each student will choose any two threads within their degree to satisfy requirements for their Bachelor of Science. We are excited for this new curriculum direction and are looking forward to seeing all the personalized combinations our students will use to create the next generations of engineers!

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