Research Centers

Research Centers

ECE is a leader or primary participant in many different research centers. Many of the centers listed below are interdisciplinary in nature, covering topics such as electronics, energy delivery, communications systems, machine learning, and engineering education delivery. These centers offer many opportunities for corporate partnerships and for enhancing educational experiences for undergraduate and graduate students. Please note that each center is responsible for the maintenance of its own site.

A large number of ECE faculty members also participate in interdisciplinary research institutes that focus on areas such as robotics, national security, data engineering and science, and bioengineering and bioscience. To learn more about the IRIs, visit the core research areas page, located on the Research at Georgia Tech website.


ECE Research Centers



The Arbutus Center for the Integration of Research and Education supports the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program, leads the VIP Consortium of 25+ universities, and is developing strategies for the systemic reform of higher education in all disciplines.
      Edward J. Coyle, Director
      Randal T. Abler, Co-Director
      Julie Sonnenberg-Klein, Program Manager


The Center for Space and Technology Research organizes, integrates, and facilitates Georgia Tech's wide range of space science and technology research activities, and is led by Thomas Orlando of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry. ECE faculty members who are part of the C-STAR Faculty Council are listed below.
      Morris B. Cohen, John D. Cressler, Ayanna Howard, and Paul G. Steffes


The Center for Co-design of Chip, Package, System conducts leading-edge research in system architecture, planning, modeling, and implementation of design, as well as advancing emerging device and interconnect technologies.

The Center is organized into program specific areas where faculty with complimentary expertise work on application driven technologies. An overview of the Center's programs can be found on our research pages.
      Madhavan Swaminathan, Director


Center for Compound Semiconductors is a focal point for research and educational collaborations in the Georgia Tech community related to compound semiconductors, including conventional and nanotechnology materials and devices.
      Russell D. Dupuis, Director


Center for Distributed Energy has been established with financial support from the Georgia Research Alliance and Georgia Tech to do advanced research and to develop technologies and holistic solutions that can transform electricity delivery and utilization. The Center is also uniquely focused on accelerating and de-risking technologies so that they can see faster adoption and higher impact.
      Deepak Divan, Director


Center for Energy & Geo Processing creates innovative research practices and entrepreneurship-based education in the area of digital signal processing, machine learning, and analytics with applications to subsurface imaging and energy problems. The center is a partnership between Georgia Tech and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia.
      Ghassan AlRegib and Ali Ahmad Al-Shaikhi, Directors


Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems is an industry-supported center and focuses on the design and evaluation of the next generation of interactive information grids via prototyping and experimentation. This center is a partnership between ECE and the College of Computing.
      Sudhakar Yalamanchili and Douglas Blough, Co-Directors– ECE
     Calton Pu, Co-Director - CoC


Center for MEMS and Microsystems Technologies is dedicated to advancing state-of-the-art technologies in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microsystems.
      Mark AllenFarrokh AyaziOliver BrandBruno Frazier, Co-Directors


Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics is an interdisciplinary resource for research and education in flexible organic and photonic materials and devices that support the information technology, energy, and defense sectors.
      Bernard Kippelen, Director


Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH) is an interdisciplinary research center focused on finding novel ways to compute that can restart computer performance scaling in today's the post-Dennard scaling era. This includes neuromorphic, quantum, reconfigurable, and thermodynamic computing, among other approaches.
      Tom Conte, Director
      Marilyn Wolf, Rich DeMillo, David Bader, and Vivek Sarkar, Associate Directors


Center for Signal and Information Processing conducts research and education in signal and information processing with applications in machine learning, telecommunications, human-machine communications, medical technology, sensor networks, radar, sonar, and geophysics.
      James H. McClellan, Director


Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) Center for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Communications is led by Georgia Tech, in collaboration with the University of Maryland as a site. The center is favorably positioned to explore emerging access network architectures, functional designs of network elements, and optimizing system interfaces and operations for next generation mobile communication systems.
      G.K. Chang, Director


Georgia Electronic Design Center fosters growth in the broadband telecommunications industry and aims to establish Georgia as a world leader in the design of broadband communication systems, devices, and chips.
      Stephen Ralph, Director
     John D. Cressler, Associate Director


The Center for Machine Learning at Georgia Tech is an interdisciplinary research center that is both a home for thought leaders and a training ground for the next generation of the field's pioneers. Machine learning aims to produce machines that can learn from their experiences and make predictions based on those experiences and other data they have analyzed.
      Justin K. Romberg, Associate Director (ECE)
      Irfan Essa, Director (CoC)
      Sebastian Pokutta (ISyE), Le Song (CoC), and Zsolt Kira (GTRI), Associate Directors


National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center is a membership-based center providing innovative analytical, engineering, research, and testing services for the electric energy delivery industry.
      Richard A. Hartlein, Director


3D Systems Packaging Research Center is the largest university-based research and education center focusing on next generation, system-level packaging of electronics. The Center is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
      Rao R. Tummala, Director

TESSAL Center 

Teaching Enhancement via Small-Scale Affordable Labs (TESSAL) Center develops portable, affordable lab experiments into lecture-based courses throughout the ECE curriculum. Areas covered include signals and systems, sensors, control systems, power systems, and computer engineering. 
      Bonnie Ferri, Program Director
      Doug Williams and Jennifer Michaels, Co-Directors


University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Research and Education is a U.S. Department of Energy-supported center engaged in research and development in advanced photovoltaic materials and devices aimed at accelerating the development of cost-effective photovoltaics.
      Ajeet Rohatgi, Director

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