ECE Student Engagement and Well-Being

ECE's Student Engagement and Well-Being programs are tailored to empower students on their path to academic, personal, and professional success. Supporting both undergraduate and graduate students in their goals, these services promote habits of academic excellence, essential life skills, and mental health. They also serve as a platform to enhance student-faculty engagement and strengthen partnerships across the Institute to amplify existing resources. 

Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming student wellness and engagement events, designed to support your overall well-being and nurture connections within the ECE community.  


Programs and Initiatives

The Office of Student Engagement and Well-Being offers a diverse range of programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing the academic experience and overall well-being of students.

These programs and initiatives collectively aim to create a well-rounded and supportive environment for students, enabling them to excel academically, access resources for their well-being, and connect with opportunities that enhance their educational and professional development.

Research Opportunities

Explore exciting research opportunities at ECE including Opportunity Research Scholars (ORS), ECE's structured undergraduate research program and other institute-wide options. Discover research for credit or pay, and for those seeking academic challenges, discuss enrolling in a Special Problems course with your advisor. Additionally, discover available travel support for conferences and career development for both undergraduate and graduate students in ECE and across the institute.

Inan Research Lab

Meet the Director

Dr. Lakshmi Raju

Lakshmi Raju brings her Georgia Tech student experience to the role as the Director of Student Engagement and Well-Being. She received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2017, and stayed for the graduate program, earning an M.S. in 2019 and a Ph.D. in 2022. 

As a student she created programs that she continues to run, such as the ECE Peer Advising program. As a product of the School of ECE, she intends to use her experiences and the opportunity to continue to foster the collaborative and welcoming environment that students have created.  

Dr. Raju has several goals she hopes to accomplish during her time as program director including: 

  • Establish programs and initiatives that enable student growth and well-being.  
  • Build community through events and working with ECE organizations. 
  • Institute infrastructure to offer students support.
  • Strengthen engagement between faculty and students 
  • Expand access to professional, career, and academic planning and development 
  • Extend partnerships across the Institute to amplify existing resources 

Students should reach out to Dr. Lakshmi Raju for guidance in navigating the ECE experience, accessing wellness and support services, or seeking information on programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing their student journey.

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Director of Student Engagement and Well-Being