New Battlefield Obscurants Could Give Warfighters Visibility Advantage

Clouds of tiny structures that are lighter than feathers – and whose properties can be remotely controlled by radio frequency (RF) signals – could one day give U.S. warfighters and their allies the ability to observe their adversaries while reducing how well they themselves can be seen. 

Hao's research team is developing an ultra-fast field-programmable gate array system to detect and track particles in high-energy physics experiments.

The inaugural award from MLCommons recognized Ph.D. candidate Zishen Wan as a “Rising Star” in machine learning research.

This fall, the Institute will launch a foundational, interdisciplinary program to lead in research related to neuroscience, neurotechnology, and society.

Callie Hao has received a 2023 Intel Rising Star Faculty Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to technological research and education in computer science and engineering.