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Recent News

An has been advised by Professor Deepak Divan since Fall 2017 and is expected to graduate this summer.

An Wins APEC Best Presentation Award

His research could enable a clean, cheaper, and more flexible energy future even if household energy consumption increases.

ORS Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary and Presents Top Honors

This year’s milestone event featured guests who played an important role in the development of ORS.

ECE Research Team Wins Fred W. Ellersick Prize Paper Award

Professor Biing Hwang Juang and his research recognized at 22 IEEE International Conference on Communications

Rincón-Mora Appointed as Motorola Solutions Foundation Professor

Rincón-Mora's history with ECE dates back thirty years to when he was a student.

ECE Professor Sung-Kyu Lim

Lim Appointed as Motorola Solutions Foundation Professor

ECE Professor Sung-Kyu Lim named Motorola Solutions Foundation Professor, effective April 1, 2022.

Four ECE Graduates Honored at CoE Alumni Awards

ECE graduates Garrett Langley B.E.E. ’09, Carmel Ortiz B.E.E. ’89, James G. Pope B.E.E. ’65, and Ronald L. Yancey B.E.E. ’65 were honored.

Michael Leamy (faculty, ME), Michelle Warren (student, ECE), Braeden Dickson (student, ECE), Gerardo Garcia-Ramos (student, ME), Antonia Antoniou (faculty, ME)

The U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors and MathWorks Announce Georgia Tech Selected to Participate in the EcoCAR EV Challenge

The next DOE-sponsored Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) set to begin in Fall 2022.

ECE’s 2022 Roger P. Webb Awards Celebrates Students, Faculty and Staff

The 2022 awards recognized 52 students, five staff members and four faculty members.

Georgia Tech professor David Citrin (right) and adjunct professor Alexandre Locquet stand in front of an image of the 16th-century funerary cross used in their study.

Terahertz Imaging Reveals Hidden Inscription on Early Modern Funerary Cross

Researchers used terahertz imaging and signal processing techniques to look beneath the corroded surface of a 16th-century lead funerary cross, revealing an inscription of the Lord's Prayer.

A Conversation with Jim Carreker

Discovery how the EE graduate and entrepreneur started his technology business, pivoted to become a hotelier, and gives back to Georgia Tech and ECE.