2 masters students and 3 Ph.D. students won research grants during this year's 3MT Competition.

Inan will be discussing his groundbreaking research on wearable healthcare technologies.

Current Georgia Tech graduate student Devesh Dalmia (CmpE ‘21) knew he had to find a way to stand out in the highly competitive field of computer engineering. Dalmia used his ingenuity to hatch a plan that would make him unique in his field.

Joshua Chio, a second-year computer engineering major, has been awarded this year's HKN Outstanding Student Scholarship.

Jennifer M. Granholm, the United States secretary of energy, visited a team of interdisciplinary and interinstitutional researchers led by Georgia Tech’s Lukas Graber.

This third year’s GTRI Graduate Student Research Fellowship Program (GSFP) will further the research collaboration across Georgia Tech’s schools and colleges, leading to innovations in everything from artificial intelligence to international policy.

The award-winning dissertation proposes an end-to-end benchmark framework to evaluate state-of-the-art compute-in-memory (CIM) accelerators.

Asim Gazi, Nischita Kaza, and Pranav Premdas are gearing up to showcase their exceptional research skills and explain their thesis in just three minutes - to a non-technical audience!

After five attempts and a corporate career stint, Richard Lee finally founded his own startup, an AI writing tool for marketers called Supercopy.

12 years after she stepped onto campus as a first-year Yellow Jacket fresh out of high school, Maegan Tucker will be returning as a faculty member with a Ph.D.