The proposed high-voltage solid-state transformer (SST) offers enhanced flexibility and control for integrating renewable energy sources and electric vehicles in power grids.

Professor AlRegib and team received the EURASIP 2023 Best Paper Award for their novel methods to improve action recognition in videos using deep neural networks.

Divan received the award in recognition of his, “contributions to distributed and decentralized dynamic control of transmission and distribution systems”.

The project aims to develop theoretically principled and robust algorithms that can effectively learn from complex graph-structured data.

Led by Shaolan Li, and in collaboration with Levent Degertekin, the award will provide support to research on compact, energy-efficient integration of ultrasound front-end electronics. 

In recognition of his expertise in electronic packaging, Tentzeris will deliver distinguished lectures for IEEE EPS.

The IEEE Power & Energy Society Recognizes the Georgia Power Distinguished Professor with Outstanding Educator Award