Specializing in power electronics and energy conversion systems, Professor Maryam Saeedifard has been named Ken Byers Professor in ECE.

The ECE Ph.D. candidate presented research on Cryogenic CMOS for High Performance Computing in a highly competitive Ph.D. Forum.

The ECE professor received the Glass Brain Award for his work in neuroimaging to help further understand the organization and function of the human brain.

The team, led by ECE professor Shimeng Yu, analyzed different combinations of settings for emerging non-volatile memory (eNVM) technologies in hopes of improving AI hardware efficiency and power.

Al Jamal’s research on origami-inspired phased array antennas represents a quantum leap in antenna reconfigurability at mm-wave frequencies and a paradigm shift in massive MIMO applications and beyond-5G communication.

The technology combines new microfabrication and coding methods for applications in cellular and biological processes.