Medical Image Processing

Studying biomedical image analysis techniques including image enhancement, analysis, classification, and interpretation for medical decision-making through practicals and projects. Cross-listed with BMED6780.

Information Processing Models in Neural Systems

Examines 'top-down' modeling approaches for sensorineural systems, where optimal computational principles used in engineering (e.g., information theory, Bayesian inference, control theory) explain observed information processing.

Medical Imaging Systems

A study of the principles and design of medical imaging systems such
as X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and nuclear magnetic
resonance. Cross-listed with BMED 6786.

Biomedical Applications of Microelectromechanical Systems

MEMS processing technologies, design of fabrication process flows, and applications of the technologies to the development of biomedical micro instrumentation an detection methodologies.

Biomedical Instrumentation

A study of physiological sensing topics from a systems viewpoint. Pertinent physiological and electro-physiological concepts will be covered. Crosslisted with CHE and ME 4781

Biosystems Analysis

Signal processing and modeling tools are presented for analyzing biomedical signals, with a particular focus on physiologic monitoring for human health and performance. Crosslisted with CHE and ME 4782.

Introduction to Medical Image Processing

A study of mathematical methods used in medical acquisition and processing. Concepts, algorithms, and methods associated with acquisition, processing, and display of two- and three-dimensional medical images are studied. Crosslisted with BMED 4783.

Engineering Electrophysiology

Basic concepts of electrophysiology from an engineering perspective. Functionality of relevant organs and systems; instrumentation tools which monitor electrophysiological function. Crosslisted with BMED 4784.

Introduction to ECE Design

An introduction to basic concepts useful for all areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Focus on hands-on, team-based activities using robotics.

Introduction to Bioengineering

An introduction to the field of bioengineering, including the application
of engineering principles and methods to problems in biology and
medicine,the integration of engineering with biology, and the
emerging industrial opportunities.

Quantitative Electrophysiology

A quantitative presentation of electrophysiological systems in biological
organisms, emphasizing the electrical properties and modeling of neural
and cardiac cells and systems. Cross-listed with BMED and PHYS 6787.