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Welcome to the Yellow Jacket Family!

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering! You have achieved an incredible milestone by securing a place in one of the most prestigious and challenging programs in the country. Your hard work, dedication, and passion have brought you here, and we are thrilled to have you join our vibrant community of innovators, thinkers, and leaders.

Georgia Tech is not just an institution; it's a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and aspirations. Here at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, we pride ourselves on providing an educational experience that is both rigorous and rewarding, set within a supportive and collaborative environment. Our commitment to excellence in education, research, and practical application is unwavering, and we are excited to see how you will contribute to and benefit from this dynamic setting.

As you embark on this new and exciting journey, know that you are about to enter a world where your ideas can take shape and your dreams can become a reality. We are here to guide, support, and inspire you every step of the way.

Once again, congratulations on your admission. We cannot wait to see all that you will achieve and the impact you will make as a member of the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


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Program Highlights

ECE undergrad programs at Georgia Tech, are all about taking your smarts to the next level. Think of it as your launchpad to becoming the thinkers and doers of tomorrow. The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech offers some of the world’s most comprehensive educational and research programs for undergraduate  students. Our electrical and computer engineering academics are led by faculty at the top of their fields. You will gain hands-on experience in our research centers and labs, and learn to succeed in a global high-tech marketplace through our international programs

Starting out, you’re already sharp – you’ve got the brains and the skills. But here at Georgia Tech, we’re going to turbocharge that. You’ll get a rock-solid foundation in all the engineering foundation  you need to know. But that’s just the beginning. By the time you’re ready to toss your graduation cap in the air, you’ll be more than just a problem-solver. You’ll be a full-fledged ECE wizard – ready to dream up the next big thing, design it, and make it happen. And the best part? You’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the real world from day one!

GT ECE: An Overview

All Industries Want an ECE Major


Starting from summer 2021, ECE shook things up for both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering undergrad programs. We're talking about our cool new "Threads" approach.

What's a Thread? Think of it as your own personal mixtape of courses. You get to pick any two Threads that catch your vibe and mix them to shape your Bachelor's degree. It's all about choosing courses that match your interests and goals, whether they're more electrical, computer-focused, or a bit of both.

We can't wait to see the unique combos you all come up with. It's like building your own engineer avatar, and we're here for it. So, get ready to craft a degree that’s as unique as you are!


Get ready to dive into the world of research in ECE! Here, it's all about mixing and mashing engineering, science, and tech to create technology that addresses real world problems! Imagine having access to over 20 research centers right here at Georgia Tech – it's like having the ultimate playground for your brain!

Our faculty and students (that's you soon!) are super passionate and always pushing boundaries. From tiny tech breakthroughs to huge discoveries, they're making waves in all sorts of cool ECE areas. And guess what? Last year alone, they brought in a whopping $81 million to keep fueling these amazing projects.

So, gear up for an epic adventure in research where your ideas can take flight and you can be part of something big!

Students collaborating at TECH
Students collaborating in a classroom at TECH
Students in a classroom at Georgia TECH

Campus and Student Life

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a deep commitment to offer essential student support services and co-curricular learning experiences. Our goal is to empower our diverse student body to gain and apply lifelong skills. Life at ECE provides students with an enriching journey through initiatives that foster learning, nurtures leadership, promote wellness and success, and facilitates student engagement. 

Meet Some ECE Faculty

Our faculty at Georgia Tech ECE are dedicated to your growth and learning - they're here to guide, inspire, and help you turn those big ideas into reality. ECE Faculty are glue to what makes collaboration special, becasue they want you to succeed. Why not take a dive into our faculty directory and get to know the awesome minds you'll be working with?

Explore ECE Faculty

Omer Inan 2024 IEEE Fellow

Omer Inan - Professor


  • Medical devices for clinically-relevant applications
  • Non-invasive physiological monitoring
  • Home monitoring of chronic disease
  • Cardiomechanical signals
  • Medical instrumentation

Learn More

Divya Mahjan

Divya Mahajan - Assistant Professor


  • Computer Architecture
  • Systems for Machine Learning
  • Large Scale Infrastructure for AI and Data Storage

Learn More

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