The ECE students won Best Student Awards at the International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors in Fukuoka, Japan in November.

The ECE Ph.D. candidate will research emerging materials and devices for energy-efficient sustainable computing.

The fourth-year electrical engineering student plans on using the scholarship to continue her studies and research, focusing on electric energy systems and circuit technology threads.

The ECE Ph.D. candidate is working to develop a highly efficient on-chip antenna array to address growing global mobile video traffic.

This compact, high-level retrospective of 2023 offers audiences a valuable snapshot of the Institute, delivered directly from President Cabrera.

The ECE Ph.D. candidate won the Best Poster award at the 2023 IBM IEEE AI Compute Symposium.

The ECE Ph.D. candidate was recognized for her research on emerging materials and devices that promote energy-efficient computing.

The degree will be awarded during a campus visit Thursday, Jan. 25.

The research proposed by a team featuring Professor Biing-Hwang Juang introduces DeepSC, a deep learning-based semantic communication system designed for text transmission.

The research shows that people in lower socioeconomic tiers wait nearly three hours longer on average for their power to be restored.