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Methods of Pattern Recognition with Application to Voice

Theory and application of pattern recognition with a special
application section for automatic speech recognition and related
signal processing.

DSP Hardware Systems Design

A study of theory and practice in the design and implementation of
DSP algorithms on programmable processors, multiprocessors, and

DSP Software Systems Design

Specification, evaluation, and implementation of realtime DSP applications
on embedded DSP-based environments.

Spatial Array Processing

Introduce application areas where signals are sampled over space and time.
Transfer knowledge of time-based techniques to spatial processing.
Develop algorithms unique to spatial processing.

Cryptography and Security

Algebraic and number theory approaches to cryptographic techniques, information security, secret key and public key encryption, signature schemes, hash functions, message authentication, and key distribution. Credit not allowed for both ECE 6280 and CS 6260.

Radar Imaging

An in depth study of digital signal processing methods for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image formation. Methods are also applicable to sonar.

Power Systems Control and Operation

Introduction to methods used in the real time operation and control of
power systems as well as to the hardware and software technology of
energy management systems (EMS).

Power System Stability

Techniques for stability analysis of electric power systems and
applications of these methods.

Power System Planning and Reliability

To introduce basic concepts as well as analysis and optimization techniques
underlying reliability assessment of electric power systems and
planning techniques.

Power System Protection

The theory and practice of modern power system protection

Power Electronic Circuits

The analysis, control and design of switching power converters:
rectifiers, cycloconverters, voltage-sourced and current-source
inverters, dc-dc converters, pfc and resonant converters.

Electric Machinery Analysis

An introduction to the analysis and basic construction principles of
rotating electric machines and transformers, including ac synchronous
and induction machines and dc machines. Credit is not allowed for both ECE 4335 and ECE 6335.

Dynamics and Control of Electric Machine Drives

A study of the dynamics and control of electric machinery and variable
speed machine drive systems.

Applied Electromagnetics

The methodology and application of advanced electromagnetic theory.

Microwave Design

Applications of electromagnetic theory to microwave components and systems.
Introduction to the latest characterization and design techniques
including monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology.

Microwave Design Laboratory

This laboratory course will teach microwave measurement/design
fundamentals for both passive and active components. Students will use
both CAD tools and network analyzers.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas

The fundamentals of electromagnetic radiation and antennas.

Radio Wave Propagation in the Earth and Space Environment

How the Earth's atmosphere, space plasma environment, and solar space weather, vary to affect communication, navigation, space science, and remote sensing, across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Introduction to Computational Electromagnetics

The practical application of the finite-difference time-domain and
finite element techniques to electromagnetic problems. Computer
projects are required.

Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems

To introduce satellite communications and navigation system design
including microwave transmission, satellite transponders, earth station
hardware and satellite networks. A design project is required.