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Computer Engineering Degree

The computer engineering major at Georgia Tech covers a broad set of areas, ranging from design of microprocessors to cloud computing and everything in between. Students who major in computer engineering will learn about hardware, software, and computing principles in the context of important devices and systems such as smartphones, the Internet of Things, streaming systems, and large-scale computing and storage systems for the cloud.

Courses throughout the program, especially those in the junior and senior years, emphasize an open-ended, design-oriented approach to solving engineering problems. Teamwork, communication skills, and an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving are integrated into the senior computer engineering design courses.

In addition to required courses for the computer engineering degree, the program offers the ability to customize studies with a variety of electives. Elective courses for the major are grouped into thematic areas. Students can choose to pursue one of these threads or pick electives that span multiple areas.

The bachelor's degree in computer engineering consists of the three computer engineering foundation threads (Distributed Systems & Software Design, Cybersecurity, Computing Hardware & Emerging Architectures); three Computer Science threads (Devices, Information Internetworks, Systems & Architecture); and three electrical engineering threads (Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Telecommunications, Signal & Information Processing) shown below. Students satisfy degree requirements by selecting two of the threads listed below with at least one thread being chosen from one of the three computer engineering foundation threads. For example, students may select threads in one of the following ways:

  • Two computer engineering foundation threads
  • One computer engineering foundation thread / one computer science thread (NOTE: ECE2020 and ECE2035 substitute for CS2110; ECE3058 substitutes for CS2200)
  • One computer engineering foundation thread  / one electrical engineering thread (NOTE: Requires taking ECE2026)

Click here to view the complete list of degree requirements (Institute core, common core, thread overviews, and advising notes).

To access the degree requirements prior to the introduction of the threaded curriculum, please visit the 2019-2020 degree requirements document.

Click on the curriculum threads icons below to learn more about each thread.

Curriculum Threads


Distributed System and Software Design icon

Cybersecurity icon

Computing Hardware and Emerging Architectures icon

Devices icon

Information Internetworks

Systems and Architecture icon

Robotics icon

Telecommunications icon

Signal and Information Processing icon


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