Georgia Tech offers over 40 undergraduate minors and 50 certificates. Both the electrical engineering and the computer engineering program gives depth in a concentration area. A minor generally requires more credit hours and appears on a transcript while a certificate does not

List of Minors 
List of Certificates
How to Declare/Remove a Minor
How to Declare a Certificate
Robotics Minor

ECE is the home to the Robotics Minor, though the minor is open to all majors. The application for the minor is due at 4:00 pm on the Friday of the second week of classes each semester. More information about the requirements for the minor are found on the application form.

                Robotics Minor Application Form

ECE students can count technical electives, approved electives, and ECE electives towards the minor.

Declaring or Removing Minors

Declaring a Minor

  • Declare a Minor - Minors are declared by filling out an Undergraduate Change of Minor form. Both your ECE advisor and the advisor in the department offering the minor must sign the form. Students who are not on campus can fill out the form, scan it, and send it to your advisor through email. We will sign it, scan it, and send it back to you through email. Turn the signed form into the registrar’s office in the Tech Tower or email it to the registrar's office.
  • Minor Program of Study - When students apply to graduate, they must turn in a Minor Program of Study form to the registrar's office. Your ECE academic advisor and the advisor in the department offering the minor must both sign the form.

Removing a Minor

Declaring Certificates

  • The semester that you graduate, fill out the Certificate Form and turn it in to the department offering the certificate. You will need to talk to the department offering the certificate to find the form. Once your certificate is approved the department offering the certificate will mail it to you.
  • Certificates are not officially declared with a form. Students need to work directly with the department offering the certificate to take the classes.