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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6542 Course Syllabus


Optoelectronics: Devices, Integration, Packaging, Systems (3-0-3)



Catalog Description
Optoelectronic devices (detectors, emitters, modulators) from the practical realized and theoretical performance perspective. Explores monolithic and hybrid integration of devices, packaging and system implementation.

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Topical Outline
Practical Optoelectronic Devices: Contrast and Comparison, Theory and
     Photodetectors: contrast and compare responsivity, gain, bandwidth, 
     Light emitting diodes and other spontaneous emission devices
     Homojunction, heterojunction, quantum well, and advanced structure 
     Emitter comparisons: I-V, L-I, bandwidth, linewidth, linearity, 
temperature sensitivity
     Modulators: operational bandwidth, speed, contrast ratio, switching 
          energy, temperature sensitivity
Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits
     Integration techniques (hybrid package, monolithic, hybrid 
     Integrated receivers
     Integrated transmitters
     Integrated guided wave devices (including photonic integrated 
Optoelectronic System Packaging
     Packaging considerations: alignment, throughput, bit error rate, 
power dissipation, environmental sensitivity
     Free space
     Si micro-optical bench 
Optoelectronic Interconnections: System Drivers for OEICs
     Long haul optical fiber, single wavelength 
     Wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) optical fiber, long haul
     Hybrid fiber coax (HFC) - analog versus digital
     Local area network (LAN)
     Backplane (board to board)
     Chip to chip
Imaging Systems: System Drivers for OEICs
     Digital video cameras
     Infrared focal plane arrays
     'Smart' cameras with on-focal plane processing (A/D, processing)
     Multi-wavelength imagers
Displays: System Drivers for OEICs
     Liquid crystal displays
     High brightness displays
     Projection displays
Storage: System Drivers for OEICs
     Compact disks: single layer, multiple layer, multi-wavelength
     Page-based 3D optical data storage 
Computation: System Drivers for OEICs
     Massively parallel processing using optical interconnections
     All-optical computation