Electric Machinery Analysis

An introduction to the analysis and basic construction principles of
rotating electric machines and transformers, including ac synchronous
and induction machines and dc machines. Credit is not allowed for both ECE 4335 and ECE 6335.

Power IC Design

Analysis and design of switched-inductor dc-dc supplies with CMOS and BiCMOS integrated circuits (ICs).

Dynamics and Control of Electric Machine Drives

A study of the dynamics and control of electric machinery and variable
speed machine drive systems.

Power System Protection

The theory and practice of modern power system protection

Power Electronic Circuits

The analysis, control and design of switching power converters:
rectifiers, cycloconverters, voltage-sourced and current-source
inverters, dc-dc converters, pfc and resonant converters.

Power Systems Control and Operation

Introduction to methods used in the real time operation and control of
power systems as well as to the hardware and software technology of
energy management systems (EMS).

Power System Stability

Techniques for stability analysis of electric power systems and
applications of these methods.

Power System Planning and Reliability

To introduce basic concepts as well as analysis and optimization techniques
underlying reliability assessment of electric power systems and
planning techniques.

Electrical Energy Systems

Non-renewable and renewable/sustainable energy sources. Processes, costs, and environmental impact of conversion into electric energy. Delivery and control of electric energy, electromechanical systems.

Power System Engineering

To introduce basic concepts of electric power system design, encompassing
protection, stability and control.

Electric Power Quality

Transients and harmonics in power systems, analysis methods and mitigation practices. Causes of power quality problems and relationship to equipment susceptibility.

Power Electronics

Introduces power semiconductor devices and power electronic converters,
including single-phase and three-phase ac/dc rectifiers, ac voltage
controllers, dc/dc converters and dc/ac inverters.

Electric Machinery Analysis

Advanced theory of AC machines, including AC motor winding design, finite element analysis, induction motor design, permanent magnet machine design, and synchronous machine dynamics. Credit not allowed for both ECE 4335 and ECE 6335.

Electromechanical and Electromagnetic Energy Conversion

Introduction to three phase power systems, electromechanical energy conversion and operating principles of electric machines.

Power System Analysis & Control

Introduces basic concepts in electric power generation, distribution,system
control and economic operation.