ECE Peer Advising: If you would like to chat to a Peer ECE undergraduate student, drop into their weekly virtual zoom office hours. Click here for details. PEER ADVISING HOURS WILL RESUME IN FALL 2023

You can always speak to an ECE Academic Advisor: schedule undergraduate appointments through Advisor Link, or ask questions through or the Piazza page on the ECE Advising Canvas for your degree. Graduate students can speak to their ECE Academic Advisor through email or walk-in hours.

For ECE-specific advice,Dr. Lakshmi Raju is another resource.

Georgia Tech also provides academic coaching and advice:

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Explore our Undergraduate FAQs below for a comprehensive guide to commonly asked questions.  Find the information you need to make the most of your time at the School of ECE.

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How to sign up for the ECE email news list

ECE News Mailing List
Joining one of the ECE mailing lists is an excellent way to be informed of:

To join a mailing list, please do the following:

  • 1. From your GT email (any others will be rejected), send a message to
  • 2a) For undergraduate students: In the subject line of your email, type in: subscribe news_ugrads or, click this link.
  • 2b) For graduate students: In the subject line of your email, type in: subscribe news_grads or, click this link.
    3. Leave the message body blank.

To join a mailing list, please go to: For undergrads: For grads: and subscribe.

Tutoring/Course Help

Link for undergraduate Engineering course tutoring:
For non-Engineering courses individual, group, and other tutoring options are offered through the Institute: tutoring; also various schools offer their own tutoring for core courses.

Institute Support Services

Provided by the Office of Undergraduate Education & Student Engagement and Well-Being, Student Success includes a network of support, from peers to professional staff.

The Institute Graduate office provides support for our graduate students.

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides accommodations for students with academic, physical, technological, or other barriers on campus. Please register on the portal as early as possible, even if just to discuss with a Disability Service Coordinator what your options are. They also provide provisional and temporary accommodations depending on your needs. Make sure you receive a confirmation email after submitting the application to ensure that it is processed.


Are you interested in gaining teaching experience?

Undergraduate students:

UTA – ask professors in courses (ECE/Math, etc.) that you have taken, if they are looking for a UTA.

Learning Assistant – Details:…

Plus Leader – Details:

Graduate students:

GTAs: Every semester Dr. Matthieu Bloch sends the GTA application out. Apply through the form – DO NOT SOLICIT GTA assignments through emails or avenues outside of the application. Outside of traditional ECE GTA positions, more teaching heavy GTA positions are available for courses such as ECE 3710 – Circuits & Electronics for non-ECE majors. Please reach out to Dr. Matthieu Bloch to coordinate this.

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a great resource to gain teaching skills, work on future faculty development and apply for additional teaching fellowships.


For ECE-specific communication/writing advice, speak to Christina Bourgeois ( This includes fellowship applications, graduate school applications, resumes, and other technical/professional communication. You can also visit the ECE Undergraduate Professional Communication Program website for resources such as the ECE resume template, and other career related documents.

The Communications Center is also a great Institute Resource!


Do you need textbooks, access to journals, a workshop on how to use a reference manager or photoshop? If so head to the GT Library!