The ECE Ph.D. alumni won the award for his research on fused-silica stitch-chip technology for RF/mm-wave multichiplet modules.

Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate Ting Zheng won an IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (TCPMT) Best Paper Award, from the Advanced Packaging Category, for his research on fused-silica stitch-chip technology.

TCPMT is the flagship journal of the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS).

He was recognized for the paper he co-authored prior to his graduation, “Benchmarking and Demonstration of Low-Loss Fused-Silica Stitch-Chips with Compressible Microinterconnects for RF/mm-Wave Chiplet-Based Modules.”

It proposes and benchmarks ‘fused-silica stitch-chips’  as an interconnect technology between neighboring RF/mm-wave chiplets. Compared to conventional advanced packaging technologies, the stitch-chips enable low-loss and broadband interconnection, provide built-in mechanical deformation capability to compensate for differing chiplets heights, and provide a path towards package size scaling for large-scale multichiplet integration.

He was advised by ECE Professor and 3D Systems Packaging Research Center Director Muhannad Bakir.

Zheng is the second student from Bakir’s Integrated 3D Systems Lab to have their research recognized. Shengtao Yu won the Intel Outstanding Student Paper Award for this paper on co-packaged optics and fiber-chiplet-connectors at the 2023 IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), which is the flagship conference of IEEE EPS.

It is a rare honor for the same research group to win paper awards in the same year from both ECTC and TCPMT.

At the end of May, Zheng, Yu and Bakir will all attend ECTC 2024 in Denver, CO to receive the ECTC and TCPMT paper awards.