The Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is well-represented in the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

ECE Ph.D. candidate and master’s degree graduate Allyson McKinney, the co-founder and CEO of SoloPulse, is featured in this year’s Manufacturing and Industry category, and Lydia Hylton, who earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and is a partner at Bain Capital Crypto, is featured in the Finance category.

McKinney and her team at SoloPulse have developed software to unlock the full potential of radar with the goal of assisting automakers in the move from advanced driver-assistance systems to full autonomy. She turned her interest in radar and electromagnetics into a career while working with the Georgia Tech Research Institute and earning her master’s degree.

“I am passionate about entrepreneurship, and I wanted to bring the radar work that we had built at Georgia Tech into the world,” said McKinney. “Tech's traditional classes taught me so much, but the network of mentors is what truly has empowered me, SoloPulse technology, and the SoloPulse team.”

Hylton, who was a Stamps President's Scholar at Georgia Tech, joined Bain Capital Crypto as a partner earlier this year to support “teams building at the frontier of Web3.” Her track record of identifying trends in the crypto space was well noted by Forbes. She’s credited with brokering a deal between her previous employer, Redpoint, and Dune Analytics, with the analytics platform’s valuation surpassing $1 billion just six months after Hylton’s investment

“Grateful to even be considered alongside this list of people who are making huge strides in finance and more, rain or shine. Good nudge for us to all keep building,” Hylton tweeted in response to being named to Forbes’ list.

In total, eight Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets — including five from the College of Engineering — made the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for doing some amazing things. From medical, energy, manufacturing, social, and e-commerce fields, these Tech graduates — selected from a candidate pool of 12,000 — exemplify the innovation and drive that takes place across campus.

This is an excerpt from the features story published on December 20, 2022.