Recognizing his significant impact on power systems engineering education, Meliopoulos has been honored with the IEEE PES Outstanding Educator Award, highlighting his innovative teaching methods and contributions to the field.

Athanasios P. (Sakis) Meliopoulos, the Georgia Power Distinguished Professor at Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received the 2023 IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award from the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). This prestigious recognition honors his exceptional contributions to power systems education in protection, control, and operation.

Throughout his extensive career, Meliopoulos has made significant advancements in power systems and played a crucial role in shaping Georgia Tech's power program. He has modernized existing courses, introduced new ones, and fostered various research activities. Meliopoulos has also established continuing education programs and developed the Power System Certificate program, catering to utility engineers seeking professional development.

Meliopoulos is highly esteemed for his teaching approach, characterized by its clarity and practicality. He has revolutionized the learning experience by integrating interactive software, enabling students to efficiently tackle real-world power system problems.

As the director of the Power Systems Control and Automation Laboratory (PSCAL), Meliopoulos has contributed significantly to power system reliability, safety, protection, and electromagnetic compatibility through his pioneering research.

Among his notable achievements are the development of the EPRI transmission reliability program TRELLS (now TransCARE), the GPS-synchronized harmonic state measurement system for transmission systems, the distributed dynamic state estimation method, the setting-less relay, and the CYMSA software for Cyber-Physical Modeling and Simulation for Situational Awareness.

Meliopoulos holds three patents, has published three books, and has authored over 440 technical papers. He was elected as a Fellow of the IEEE in 1993 and has received prestigious awards such as the IEEE-IAS Society Field Award in 2005 and the George Montefiore Institute Award (Belgium) in 2010.

The Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award will be presented to Meliopoulos during the upcoming IEEE-PES General Meeting in Orlando, Florida, on July 18.