Georgia Tech's Plasma and Dielectrics Lab recently hosted its annual PURPLE poster session on November 9, 2023. During the event, the lab spotlighted the research endeavors of its accomplished undergraduate students across various research domains.

The PURPLE program, designed to foster research, learning, and professional development among undergraduate students, serves as a platform for emerging scholars to delve into inventive ideas and contribute to impactful projects.

The Plasma and Dielectrics lab is actively involved in researching gas, liquid, and solid dielectrics for diverse applications, including aerospace systems, naval systems, super grid, and switchgear. Under the leadership of Associate Professor Lukas Graber in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), the lab's team includes ECE research engineers Zhiyang Jin and Alfonso Cruz Feliciano, as well as six graduate students.

Plasma and Dielectrics Lab PURPLE poster session 1
Plasma and Dielectrics Lab PURPLE poster session 2

At the poster session, several outstanding research projects were presented, reflecting diverse student interests and expertise. Featured projects and participants included:

  • Piezoelectric Actuator Amplifier Design
    Presented by George Dong and Mario Lopes
  • Epoxy Research for Insulation of High Voltage Bushings
    Presented by Shreya Ghosh, Gabriel Langston, and Theodore Uhrik
  • 72 kV Class Bushing Design for Supercritical CO2 insulated Circuit Breakers - Mechanical FEA Analysis
    Presented by Antariksh Krishnan
  • Internal Mechanism of the TESLA Supercritical Breaker
    Presented by Samuel Neall
  • Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy of Supercritical CO2
    Presented by Davis McIntire and Karen Ji
  • Plasma Jet Engine
    Presented by Kaleshver Sangar and Amin M Finan

For more information about the PURPLE program and upcoming events, please visit

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