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Patricio Antonio Vela
Job title: 
Associate Professor
Technical Interest Groups: Systems and Controls
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Work phone: 
TSRB 441

Patricio Vela was born in Mexico City, Mexico and grew up in California. He earned his bachelor of science degree in 1998 and his doctorate in 2003 at the California Institute of Technology, where he did his graduate research on geometric nonlinear control androbotics. Dr. Vela came to Georgia Tech as a post-doctoral researcher in computer vision and joined the ECE faculty in 2005.

His research interests lie in the geometric perspectives to control theory and computer vision. Recently, he has been interested in the role that computer vision can play for achieving control-theoretic objectives of (semi-)autonomous systems. His research also covers control of nonlinear systems, typically robotic systems.

Research interests: 
  • Geometric estimation and control
  • Computer vision
  • Robotics
  • Applied differential geometry and geometric mechanics.
  • Biologically inspired mechanics and computer vision.
  • HENAAC Most Promising Engineer 2005

Niethammer, M., Vela P., and Tannenbaum, A. "On the Evolution of Vector Distance Functions of Closed Curves." to appear International Journal of Computer Vision.

Vela, P., Niethammer, M., Malcolm, J. , and Tannenbaum, A."Closed Loop Visual Tracking Using Observer- Based Dynamic Active Contours." AIAA Conference on Guidance Navigation and Control. 2005.

Niethammer, M., Vela, P., and Tannenbaum, A. "Geometric Observers for Dynamically Evolving Curves." International Conference on Decision and Control, 2005.

Betser, A., Vela, P., and TAnnenbaum A. "Automatic Tracking of Flying Vehicles Using Geodesic Snakes and Kalman Filtering." InternationalConference on Decision and Control, 2004.

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