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photograph of Mary Ann Weitnauer
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Mary Ann Weitnauer
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Technical Interest Groups: Telecommunications
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VL 405

Dr. Mary Ann Weitnauer (formerly Mary Ann Ingram) completed her B.S.E.E. in 1983 and finished her Ph.D. and joined the faculty in 1989, all in ECE at Georgia Tech.  She was a visiting professor at Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark during the summers of 2006 to 2008 and at Idaho National Labs in 2010. She held the Georgia Tech ADVANCE Professorship with the College of Engineering from 2006 to 2012. She was the Senior Associate Chair of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 2016-2021, responsible for academic operations.  She established the Electronic ARTrium Laboratory in 2021 and co-leads a VIP team named Electronic ARTrium, focused on interactive and immersive digital art, involving mechatronics, music and video. She is a co-instructor for the Coursera course Linear Circuits. In the mid-1990s, she established the Smart Antenna Research Laboratory (SARL), which studies MIMO wireless networks.

Research interests: 
  • Interactive digital art
  • Immersive art installations
  • Interactive mechatronics in art
  • Interactive video in art
  • The 2017 Vivian A. Carr Award, given by the Radio Club of America, for her achievements in the wireless industry
  • Georgia Tech Class of 1934 Outstanding Service Award, 2017
  • Best Paper Award, First IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WiVEC 2007), Baltimore, Maryland, 30th September - 1st October 2007
  • Best Paper Award, International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM 2007), Valencia, Spain, October 14-20, 2007
  • Best Paper Award, IEEE INFOCOM, Hong Kong, March 2004
  • Senior Member, IEEE
  • Research Initiation Award, National Science Foundation, 1991

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Abdul Q. Javaid and Mary A. Weitnauer, “Towards Sleep Apnea Screening with an Under-the-mattress IR-UWB Radar Using Machine Learning,” The 14th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (IEEE ICMLA'15), Miami, Florida, USA, December 9-11, 2015.

Seonwoo Lee, Robert J. Baxley, Mary Ann Weitnauer, Brett Walkenhorst, "Achieving Undetectable Communication," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Citation information: DOI 10.1109/JSTSP.2015.2421477, March 2015.

Jin Woo Jung and Mary Ann Weitnauer, “On Using Cooperative Routing for Lifetime Optimization of Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks: Analysis and Guidelines,” IEEE Transactions on Communications, Volume:61, Issue: 8, pp. 3413 – 3423, May 2013.

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