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Bonnie H Ferri
Job title: 
Professor; Vice Provost
Technical Interest Groups: Systems and Controls, Computer Systems and Software
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Bonnie Ferri is the vice provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development at Georgia Tech, and she is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Ferri previously was the associate chair for Undergraduate Affairs in ECE and the associate chair for Graduate Affairs in ECE. She does research in embedded control systems and in engineering education. Dr. Ferri has received many honors and awards including the 2017 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award and the 2016 Regent’s Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. She is the co-chair of a campus-wide commission at Georgia Tech on the future of higher education, and she was an invited speaker at a National Academy of Engineering workshop on education.

Dr. Ferri has been active with the IEEE Control Systems Society and served two terms on its Board of Governors. She was the program chair for the 1998 American Control Conference and will be the general chair for that conference in 2012. Dr. Ferri received the B.S degree in Electrical Engineering from Notre Dame and the M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton. She then worked for Honeywell for two years prior to returning to school to earn her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Research interests: 
  • Embedded control systems
  • Engineering education
  • Real-time computing
  • General Chair of the 2022 American Control Conference

  • IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2017

  • Best Paper Award in the ASEE Mechanics Division, 2016 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition

  • Regents Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (from the University System of Georgia), 2016

  • National Instruments Excellence in Education Award, 2014

  • Georgia Tech Faculty Award: Class of 1934 Outstanding Use of Innovative Education Technology Award, 2011
  • Georgia Tech Women in Engineering Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2011
  • Harriet B. Rigas Award from the IEEE Education Society, 2007
  • Georgia Tech ECE Faculty Outreach Award, 2006
  • Women of Distinction Faculty Award, 2005, from the Women's Leadership Conference
  • Women In Engineering's Excellence Faculty Mentoring Award, 2005
  • IEEE Control System Magazine Outstanding Paper Award, 2004
  • Notre Dame Women's Achievement Award, 1996
  • Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, 1991, from CETL and Amoco
  • Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Teacher Award, 1991
  • NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, 1990

Ferri, A.A. and Ferri, B.H., “Blended Learning in a Rigid-Body Dynamics Course Using On-Line Lectures and Hands-On Experiments,” 2016 ASEE Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, LA, June 26-29, 2016. Winner of Best Paper Award from the ASEE Mechanics Division.

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