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Prior to joining Georgia Tech in 1993, Dr. Copeland was Vice President, Technology at Hayes Microcomputer Products (1985-1993), and Vice President, Engineering Technology at Sangamo Weston, Inc. (1982-1985) and served at Bell Labs (1965-1982) where he conducted research on semiconductor millimeter-wave devices. magnetic bubble computer memories, CMOS integrated circuits, Bell Labs' first microprocessor, and devices for lightwave communications and optical logic.

At Sangamo Weston he was responsible for R&D groups at ten divisions. At Hayes was responsible for the development of modems with data compression and error control, and for Hayes' representation on CCITT and ANSI standards committees. Dr. Copeland received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the Georgia Tech. He has been awarded 38 patents and has published over 60 technical papers.

  • Computer Communication Networks
  • Digital CATV Networks
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
Distinctions & Awards
  • 1970 IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Award
  • Fellow of the IEEE
  • Past Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
  • Board of Trustees of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation,1983-93
  • 38 patents and 70 technical papers