Ashkan Babaie
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Visiting Lecturer
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Dr. Babaie holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, earned in 2015, specializing in advanced image processing and data analytics. Joining Georgia Tech in 2023, he serves as a Visiting Lecturer in the ECE department, instructing the Technology Commercialization course.

Before his tenure at Georgia Tech, Dr. Babaie played pivotal roles in both large corporations and scaled start-ups, spearheading innovation and technology commercialization initiatives. Notably, as the Product Innovation Manager at Danaher Corporation (Fortune 200), he led a transformative technology program within a cross-functional organizational framework.

Dr. Babaie’s expertise lies in driving innovation adoption through customer-centric approach, coupled with data-driven business case development. His passion extends to leveraging AI/ML technologies across diverse business applications, harnessing existing data or conducting customer insight research.

With a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and numerous patents granted in the US and globally, Dr. Babaie brings a wealth of knowledge in facilitating the integration of cutting-edge technologies into real-world business eco-systems. 

  • AI/ML for Business
  • Product ManagementTechnology Commercialization
  • Customer Insight