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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6515 Course Syllabus


Nanophotonics (3-0-3)



Catalog Description
Provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles and primary applications of nanophotonics, which describes the behavior of light and its interactions with matter on the micro- and nano-scale.

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Topical Outline
Introduction to nanophotonics
	What is nanotechnology?
	Photonics at reduced dimensions
Review of electromagnetics
	Maxwell equations
	Wave optics
	Electromagnetic radiations and evanescent waves
Quantum mechanics and band theory of solids
	Particle wave duality
	Schrodinger equation and electron states
	Energy bands in solids
Optical properties of bulk materials
	Linear optical properties
	Nonlinear optical effects
Microscopy and manipulation tools
	Optical and electron microscopy
	Scanning probe microscopes
	Top down nanofabrication
	Bottom up nanofabrication
Silicon photonics
	Optical properties of silicon
	Silicon-based photonic components and devices
Photonic crystals
	1D, 2D, and 3D photonic crystals
	Photonic crystal fibers
Photonic metamaterials
	Electric, magnetic, negative-index, and chiral metamaterials
	Applications of optical metamaterials
	Review: optical properties of metals
Propagating and localized surface plasmons
	Plasmonic components and devices
Other emerging topics in nanophotonics