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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6444 Course Syllabus


Silicon-Based Heterostructure Devices and Circuits (3-0-3)

ECE 3080


Catalog Description
Theory and design of novel silicon-germanium microelectronic devices and circuits. Materials, device physics, fabrication, measurement, circuit design, and system applications.

J. D. Cressler, G. Niu, Silicon-Germanium Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors, Artech House, 2003. ISBN 9781580533614 (required)

J. D. Cressler, G. Niu, The Silicon Hererostructure Handbook: Materials, Fabrication, Devices, Circuits, and Applications of SiGe and Si Strained Layer Epitaxy, CRC Press, 2006. ISBN 9780849335594(optional)

Topical Outline
- historical perspective
- application-induced device design constraints
- bandgap engineering in the Si material system
- SiGe vs III-V vs Si
- the state-of-the-art

Epitaxial SiGe Alloys	
- strained-layer epitaxy
- stability constraints
- growth techniques
- band structure and band alignments
- carrier transport properties

The SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (SiGe HBT)
- review of Si BJT device physics  		
- device fabrication and structural design
- process integration issues with CMOS
- dc and ac properties
- second-order device phenomena
- temperature effects

Circuit Design with SiGe HBTs
- application-driven profile optimization 
- low-frequency noise
- broadband noise
- linearity
- compact modeling issues
- design example: a SiGe HBT LNA

Other Si-Based Heterostructure Devices 
- SiGe-channel FETs
- strained-Si CMOS
- SiGe-based resonant tunneling devices
- SiGe-based optoelectronics devices 

Future Directions