Start Up/Shut Down

  1. Turn camcorder on. Power switch is near rear of camera, above the flip-out LCD screen. Push power switch to left (toward lens) to “Camera” setting.
    Picture of the Camera, Off, Media switch
  2. Open camcorder lens cover. Push down on switch on side of lens shade.
    Image of Closed, Open Lens Cover Switch Image of Lens Cover Open
  3. Turn confidence monitor on. Power button is on bottom of bezel, near lower right corner of monitor.
    ** If neither unit powers up, make sure the power strip (on floor, under the confidence monitor stand) is on. **
    Image of Dell Monitor Power Button Location
  4. Turn on Lightboard lights. Rotate all 3 lighting control knobs on the side of the lightboard all the way to the right (clockwise). The LED lights should light up, as well as the purple LEDs inside the glass frame. The UV LEDs inside the frame must be on to make the neon markers “glow”.
    ** If lightboard lights are not working, make sure the power strip (mounted on wall, near Dell PC) is on.**
    Image of Lightboard Lights Controls
  5. If Lightboard is too low or high, adjust table height using Up/Down Arrows on Lightboard table. This may require camcorder adjustment to compensate. If top or bottom of lightboard frame is showing in confidence monitor, tilt camera up or down using knob on tripod. If sides of lightboard frame are visible, zoom in to adjust framing using zoom rocker switch on top of camcorder.
    Image Noting Location of Tilt Knob
  6. Close the room door and turn off overhead room lights before recording, to prevent reflections in the lightboard glass.

Emergency contacts:

Marion Crowder
VL E483-C
404-385-1530 (Office)
404-610-4748 (Cell)

Peter Huynh
Klaus 1346
404-894-7346 (Office)

To Incorporate Slides from Laptop:

  1. Plug HDMI cable (on computer table) into Laptop.
  2. Plug Logitech Presenter Remote receiver into Laptop USB port.
  3. Launch Slide App, start Slideshow. Use Presenter Remote to advance slides (so you can remain on camera).


When Leaving:

  1. Turn all 3 light control knobs on the Lightboard down -- Counterclockwise until stop.
  2. Do NOT power down the PC.
  3. Close the camcorder lens cover -- Push up on switch on side of shade.
  4. Push camcorder power switch to “OFF” -- Put switch in middle position.
  5. Turn off confidence monitor -- Power button underneath bottom right corner of bezel.
  6. If you used presenter remote -- Remove USB receiver from laptop, put it back in remote.
  7. Turn off room lights, close all doors on the way out.

Lightboard Instructions - Presenting/Recording

Videoconferencing/Recording with Zoom:

  1. Login to networked Dell Desktop PC next to lightboard.
  2. Login to Zoom, start meeting.
  3. Confirm that you can be seen and heard before proceeding with videoconference or recording.

Recording to Kaltura Capture:

  1. Login to networked Dell Desktop PC next to lightboard.
  2. Login to Kaltura, launch Kaltura Capture.
  3. Make a short test recording to confirm that you can be seen and heard, before recording a lecture/presentation.

Lightboard Tips:

  • Avoid clothing with writing or logos. Any designs will be reversed in the video, which is horizontally “flipped” to make lightboard writing readable.
  • Medium- to dark-colored clothing is recommended, but a black shirt may “disappear” against the black backdrop.
  • When using slides, avoid wearing a shirt with a similar color to your text font. The text may be difficult to discern against your shirt. Alternatively, place a solid color shape behind your text.

Using Lightboard USB recorder:

Image Noting Location of the Record Button

  1. Plug your USB memory stick (FAT32 formatted into USB recorder.
  2. Make a short test recording. Push red “REC” button, talk for several seconds, push “REC” again to stop.
  3. Remove USB stick from recorder, plug it into a computer, check the .MP4 video. The video wil be in the folder “REC_Folder”.
  4. Eject USB stick from computer, plug it back into recorder, push “REC”, proceed with presentation.
  5. When done, push “REC” button to stop recording.
  6. Remove USB stick.

Recording to Camcorder SD card (Backup Recording):

  1. Push red “REC” button on back of camcorder before starting presentation.
    Image Noting Location of REC button
  2. Confirm that timecode on flip-out LCD screen is counting up to indicate recording.
  3. Push red “REC” button when finished to stop recording.
  4. Confirm that timecode on LCD screen has stopped counting (recording has stopped).
  5. Remove SD card by pushing switch labelled "SD CARD” (above hand strap, on right side of camcorder) to the left (toward rear of camcorder). Spring-loaded door should pop up.
    Image Noting Location of SD CARD Switch
  6. Remove SD card from camcorder. Push down on SD card. It will pop up for removal.
    Image Noting the SD Card Popped Up
  7. Transfer entire contents of SD card to your computer.
  8. Put SD card back into camcorder card slot, push card down until it clicks, then push spring-loaded door down until latched.

Emergency contacts:

Marion Crowder
VL E483-C
404-385-1530 (Office)
404-610-4748 (Cell)

Peter Huynh
Klaus 1346
404-894-7346 (Office)

Monday, 27 March 2023 1:55 AM EDT