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As Shikhar Shiromani drives down iconic California highways this summer, each turn brings an exciting rush of new possibilities and adventure. Yet, in this beautiful landscape, there’s a touch of familiarity — NVIDIA, the technology company and world leader in artificial intelligence computing where Shiromani worked in his home country of India.

For the Georgia Tech student, this summer is not just about exploring the Golden State for the first time, but also about deepening his knowledge of the innovation and technology that NVIDIA represents, making it a journey of both personal and professional exploration.

Familiar Journey into New Territory 

Shiromani graduated with his bachelor's in electrical and electronics engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India in 2019.  

“I got an internship at NVIDIA in India for six months in 2018 before I graduated,”  said Shiromani. “At the end of my internship, they offered me a full-time job.”

ECE Takes You There

 This story is part of the  "ECE Takes You There"  summer series highlighting student, faculty, and alumni summer adventures! From exciting internships to international travel, discover how the ECE community is exploring, learning, and growing. 

Shiromani worked as a software engineer at NVIDIA for four years in India before he decided he wanted to continue his education at Georgia Tech, pursuing a master's in computational science and engineering (MS CSE). Each student enrolled in the MS CSE program is admitted to a specific “home unit” that serves as the student’s academic home within the program. For Shiromani it’s the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, a perfect match for his research and career interests. 

Shiromani's familiarity with NVIDIA's operations and technical education from the MS CSE program landed him an internship at the company's Santa Clara, Cali. headquarters this summer.

Pioneering Data Center Solutions 

Shiromani’s internship project is at the cutting edge of technology. He is developing a machine learning solution aimed at detecting failures in data centers — a crucial task for a company where data center operations significantly influence the bottom line.  

“It's one-of-a-kind initiative at NVIDIA,” said Shiromani. “The company’s data center vertical market drives more than 90% of the company’s revenue, so the entire $24 billion of revenue goes through this vertical.” 

By predicting server failures before they occur, Shiromani’s project could potentially save NVIDIA millions of dollars annually, underscoring the critical nature of his work. 

Shikhar at a national park

Shikar visiting Muir Woods National Monument.

Shikhar visiting a California boardwalk

Shikhar exploring his neighborhood in California.

Shikhar visiting Venice boardwalk.

Shikhar visiting Venice boardwalk.

Adventures Beyond the Desk 

Outside the office, California's diverse landscape offers an endless adventure. 

"The drive along the coast is a breathtaking experience. The first time we drove U.S. Highway 1, the views were unlike anything I'd ever seen," Shikhar recalled.  

From Monterey to Santa Barbara and the iconic streets of Los Angeles, Shiromani’s first American summer, has been filled with new sights, sounds, and experiences. 

"Santa Barbara is such a relaxed place; you can just unwind and soak in the vibe for days," said Shiromani. "In California, having a car changed everything for us. It opened up new areas we couldn’t have explored otherwise.” 

This newfound mobility led him to diverse locales, from the sandy beaches near his home to the hilly terrains of Santa Cruz. Shiromani’s adventure continued to national parks like Yosemite and the Redwoods, where the sheer size of the ancient trees and the natural beauty were starkly different from anything back in Shikhar’s home country.  

“Visiting the Redwoods was surreal,” said Shiromani.” Walking among these giants was not just a hike; it felt like a journey through time."

Fostering Future Aspirations 

Looking ahead, Shiromani is optimistic about the impact of his internship. He hopes to advance his technical skills and gain insights into the practical applications of his academic knowledge.  

“Whether or not this leads to a full-time position post-graduation, I value this experience as a crucial chapter in my professional and personal life,” said Shiromani. "This journey to California and back to NVIDIA has shown me a world of new opportunities.” 

Shikhar visiting the SEMA show in Las Vegas

Shikhar visiting the SEMA Show in Las Vegas on a weekend trip.

Shikhar visiting Vegas.

Shikhar visiting Las Vegas for the first time.

Shikhar viewing the sunset

Shikhar viewing the sunset during his drive along California coast.

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