GSO New President Richard Asiamah

The Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering  (ECE) is among the largest and most comprehensive graduate programs of its kind in the United States, boasting nearly 1,300 graduate students, approximately half of whom are pursuing Ph.D. degrees. The program offers a diverse range of focuses, from electronic design and cybersecurity to bioengineering, robotics, and more.

Managing a program of this magnitude requires a dedicated community of faculty and staff, but the commitment of student leaders is equally vital. Richard Asiamah, the newly elected president of ECE's Graduate Student Organization (ECE GSO), exemplifies such commitment. 

Asiamah, originally from Ghana, received his bachelor’s degree in electrical/electronic engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, graduating in November 2021. Shortly after, he received an offer to continue his education in the Ph.D. in electrical engineering program at Georgia Tech. His interest in power system optimization and renewable energy integration research led him to join Professor Daniel Molzahn's research group in April 2023. Since then, he has been awarded the GEM fellowship and the Georgia Tech President’s Fellowship.

As the ECE GSO president, Asiamah acknowledges the challenges inherent in serving and supporting students in a large program like ECE, but he also sees an excess of opportunities. 

True to the Georgia Tech ethos, he looks to extend his vision beyond the academic journey of graduate students, vowing to foster a vibrant community of collaboration within the ECE graduate student body.

He also understands the importance of a strong leadership team.

"We are assembling an excellent team, with a proven record in student leadership, dedicated to advancing the ECE GSO's cause," Asiamah said. 

The current ECE GSO leadership team is comprised of Paul Cucchiara, Cade Grant, Davia McKenzie, P. Nikhil, Hamed Seyedroudbari, Nikitha Tamraparni, and Tony Tu.


GSO International Culture Event Students Receiving prizes

Graduate Students at the GSO Multicultural Day receiving prizes.

Students at ECE GSO International Cultural Fair

ECE Graduate students at the GSO Multicultural Day tasting foods from around the world.

GSO International Culture Event Recognition

Students receiving prizes at the GSO Multicultural Day

ECE GSO Students Visit Google Offices in Atlanta

 ECE GSO organized a group of ECE graduate students for a visit to the Google offices in Atlanta.

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Under Asiamah’s leadership, the ECE GSO aims to ensure all ECE graduate students are well-informed and actively involved in the organization's activities. ECE GSO is also set to organize a series of social events this year tailored to diverse interests and carefully crafted to foster camaraderie and collaboration. 

The academic rigor of the program does not always allow students time to make new friends,” says Asiamah. "Our goal is to make it easier for students to connect amidst their busy schedules

Additionally, the ECE GSO will serve as a voice of the graduate student body, acting as a liaison between students and School leaders to affect change. Specifically, the organization looks to enhance the utilization of existing programs and resources aimed at student well-being and professional development.

Asiamah encourages ECE graduate students to actively engage with the ECE GSO, and promises regular updates on events, programs, and opportunities for students to contribute to and benefit from the community.

"Stay active with us and attend events. Connect via email and follow us on IG," Asiamah said. “The ECE GSO always welcomes suggestions for improving the organization's programs and activities.

GSO Student Leadership Board

ECE GSO 2023-2024 Leadership Team (L to R) Davia McKenzie, Hamed Seydroudbari, Nikhil P, Paul Cucchiara. Not pictured Cade Grant, Tony Tu and Nikitha Tamraparni. 

GSO Student Leadership board having fun

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