The Smart Pipe System team working on their water pipe clamp-on device prototype equipped with sensors that measure pressure and pH levels in water and generate notifications in case of harmful levels.


The Spring 2023 Capstone Design will take place next Tuesday, April 25 at the McCamish Pavilion, the Georgia Tech Basketball Stadium. The much-awaited event is a platform for Georgia Tech's entrepreneurial seniors to showcase their innovative projects developed during the Capstone Design Course. With a focus on solving industry problems, these students work in teams to create tools that aid researchers. 

ECE's Senior Design program has a rich history and continues to thrive. The teams of seniors work on diverse projects that span multiple research areas, bringing together students with complementary technical skills from various engineering disciplines. The design process, technical aspects, and implementation of the proposed design are emphasized throughout the program. 

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The Bike Dudes’ circuit board powered by a Zynq-7000 SoC combines several electronics components into a single chip.


Design Capstone Project

The Robotarium Robot Redesign project proposes new robots for Georgia Tech’s Robotarium, a revolutionary global swarm robotics research platform.

Meet Some of Our Teams

With over 20 teams featuring ECE students, the Spring 2023 Capstone Design Expo promises to be an exciting event. Checkout a few of the ECE teams and their projects below. 

Team: Smart Pipe System 
Project name: Smart Pipe System 

Team members: Darryl Bailey (CmpE), Magdiel Batista (EE), Azad Al Kiki (EE), Hemal Patel (CmpE), Valentina Fortuny Pacheco (CmpE), and Juan Royer (EE) 
Advisor: Michael West 

About Team Smart Pipe System 
Team Smart Pipe System has developed a preventive solution for third-world countries where water pipe maintenance and replacement are not carried out regularly, leading to frequent pipe bursts and associated disruptions. The project involves creating an adjustable clamp-on device equipped with sensors that measure pressure and pH levels, which significantly impact the stability of water distribution pipes. The data captured by the sensors can be accessed by users through a WebApp, allowing them to monitor the metrics and receive notifications in case of harmful levels. 

Team: The Bike Dudes 
Project name: FPGA-Accelerated Machine Learning Hazard Detector for Cyclists 

Team members: Rudranshu Datta (CmpE), Jingsong Guo (CmpE), Jacob Mack (CmpE), Jon Walters (EE), Ethan Weinstock (CmpE), and Josh Wong (CmpE) 
Advisor: Callie Hao

About The Bike Dudes 
The Bike Dudes have created an advanced real-time hazard detection system for cyclists, powered by a Zynq-7000 SoC. This innovative computing solution combines several electronics components into a single chip, making it a cutting-edge approach. The team captures data from front and rear cameras and sends it to Zynq PL for neural network acceleration. The output from the network is then read using Zynq PS and displayed on an LCD screen. 

Team: Robotarium Robot Redesign 
Project name: Robotarium Robot Redesign 

Team members: Maxwell Chen (CmpE), Paden Davis (CmpE), and Nathan Yam (CmpE) 
Advisor: Samuel Coogan 
Sponsor: Sean Wilson 

About Team Robotarium Robot Redesign 
Georgia Tech's Blake R. Van Leer Building is home to the Robotarium, a revolutionary global swarm robotics research platform. This state-of-the-art facility promotes a collaborative research community by allowing users to upload their algorithms, virtually test them, and conduct experiments using large groups of robots that can be accessed remotely. 

Under the Robotarium Robot Redesign project, the old Robotarium "Gritsbots" designed by Dr. Sean Wilson have been revamped. The new robots feature a custom PCB that includes four distinct sensor types and 18 sensor outputs, enhancing their utility for testing robotic algorithms. 


Spring 2023 Capstone Design to take place and Georgia Tech's entrepreneurial seniors will showcase their innovative projects developed during the Capstone Design Course.

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