Wednesday, October 18, 2023 10:00AM

Date: October 18 - December 6 (with a few weeks off)

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (EST)

Location: Virtual

Event Title: Signal and Power Integrity in Digital Systems Course

Join a free short course on signal and power integrity in digital systems, presented by Adjunct Professor Christian Schuster from TUHH, Germany.

Nowadays, nearly all technical products contain electronic devices and circuits. Together with their packaging they constitute a complex electrical system that — ideally — works as designed and has no effects on or sensitivity to the environment. Obviously, this is not true.

In reality the SIGNAL INTEGRITY, i.e. the quality of signals, and the POWER INTEGRITY, i.e. the adequate power supply to all devices of the system, are compromised by unwanted electromagnetic effects, non-ideal devices, and physical limitations of packages, interconnects, and materials.

In this short course, the electrical design of signal interconnects and power supply systems will be analyzed, charaterized, and optimized.

The course is online and open to all GeorgiaTech students.

After this course you should …

  • know the most commonly used packages and interconnects,
  • know the most important signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) problems associated with these,
  • know the basic SI/PI measurement techniques,
  • be able to assess packages and interconnect structures with respect to SI and PI,
  • be able to analyze SI and PI issues, identify root causes, and propose ideas how to solve them,
  • have an overview of current topics in SI/PI related research.

Please register for this course by sending an e-mail to Dr. Schuster's assistant Ms. Pelin Usta at

Course materials will be made available online prior to each class to all registered students.

Please be advised that all course materials are only for the personal use of each student and may not be shared, redistributed or made available in any way.