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ECE Course Syllabus

ECE6412 Course Syllabus


Analog Integrated Circuit Design (3-0-3)

Technical Interest
Electronic Design and Applications

Course Coordinator
Rincon-Mora,Gabriel A

ECE 4430


Catalog Description
Design of analog circuits using CMOS and bipolar technology.

Gray & Meyer, Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits (5th edition), John Wiley, 2008. ISBN 9780470245996 (required)

Allen & Holberg, CMOS Analog Circuit Design (3rd edition), Oxford University Press, 2011. ISBN 9780199765072 (required)

Indicators (SPIs)
SPIs are a subset of the abilities a student will be able to demonstrate upon successfully completing the course.

Outcome 1 (Students will demonstrate expertise in a subfield of study chosen from the fields of electrical engineering or computer engineering):
1.	Design op amps, linear regulators, comparators, & reference circuits.

Outcome 2 (Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate advanced problems and apply knowledge of mathematics and science to solve those problems):
1.	Analyze & quantify the operational limits of the analog building blocks listed in 1.1.

Outcome 3 (Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize current knowledge, technology, or techniques within their chosen subfield):

Topical Outline
Review of Modeling - 3 hrs.
  Switches - 1 hr.
  Current Sinks/sources - 3 hrs.
  Current Mirrors - 2 hrs.
  References - 1 hr.
  Bandgap references - 1 hr.
  Inverting - 2 hrs.
  Push-pull - 1 hr.
  Cascode - 1 hr.
  Differential amplifiers - 3 hrs.
  Output amplifiers - 1 hr.
  Open loop - 4 hrs.
  Regenerative - 2 hrs.
  Improvements - 2 hrs.
Simple Op Amps-
  Compensation - 1 hr.
  Two-stage op amps - 2 hrs.
  Generic op amp design - 4 hrs.
  Testing and measurement of op amps - 1 hr.
High Performance Op Amps
  Buffered output - 1 hr.
  Low noise - 1 hr.
  Low power - 1 hr.
  Low voltage - 1 hr.
  High frequency - 1 hr.