ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4445 Course Syllabus


Audio Engineering (3-0-3)

ECE 3040 [min C]


Catalog Description
Concepts of acoustics and electroacoustic modeling for the analysis and design of microphones, loudspeakers, and crossover networks. Methods of analysis and design of audio power amplifiers.

Leach, Introduction to Electroacoustics and Audio Power Amplifier Design (4th edition), Kendall/Hunt, 2012. ISBN 0757572863, ISBN 9780757572869 (required)

Topical Outline
Basic Principles
  Introductory concepts and definitions

Fundamentals of Acoustics
  An introduction to the fundamentals of acoustics.  Pressure, particle
  velocity, volume velocity, intensity, diffraction, reflection.  Plane 
  wave and spherical solutions to the wave equation.

Electro Acoustical Analogous Circuits
  Development of analogous circuits for acoustic sources and elements.  
  Plane wave tubes, acoustic resistance, acoustic mass, and acoustic 
  compliance.  Analogous circuits for radiation impedances.

Electro Mechanical Analogous Circuits
  Development of analogous circuits for mechanical sources and elements.
  Mobility and impedance analogs.  Transducer analogous circuits.

  Microphone classifications, analogous circuits, pressure microphones, 
  pressure gradient microphones, combination microphones, SPICE simulations 
  of microphones, promximity effect.

Moving Coil Loudspeaker Drivers
  Direct radiator loudspeaker driver construction and modeling.  Analogous 
  circuit, pressure response, radiated power, small-signal parameters.  
  SPICE simulations.

Loudspeaker Driver Parameter Measurements
  Methods for the measurement of small-signal loudspeaker parameters.

Closed Box Loudspeaker Systems
  The analysis and design of closed-box direct-radiator loudspeaker 
  systems.  SPICE simulations.

Vented Box Loudspeaker Systems
  The analaysis and design of vented-box direct-radiator loudspeaker 
  systems.  Applications of network synthesis to vented-box design.  SPICE 

Crossover Networks
  Analysis and design of passive and active loudspeaker crossover networks. 
  Effects of loudspeaker phase response on crossover network design.  SPICE 

Acoustic Horns
  Solutions to the Webster horn equation.  Exponential, conical,   
  parabolic, and hyperbolic horns.  Analogous circuits for horns and horn  
  driving units.  Frequency response.

Audio Power Amplifiers
  Concepts of feedback amplifier design. Stability, frequency compensation, 
  circuit topologies, gain-bandwidth and slew-rate relationship, power   
  supply decoupling and grounding, protection circuits.