ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4420 Course Syllabus


Digital Integrated Circuits (3-0-3)

ECE 3040 [min C] or ECE 3030 [min C]


Catalog Description
Analysis and design of bipolar and MOS digital integrated circuit families and their applications in modern electronic systems.

Hodges, Jackson, and Selah, Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits (3rd edition), McGraw-Hill, 2003. ISBN 0072283653 , ISBN 9780072283655 (required)

Topical Outline
I.   Integration Scales and Applications

II.  Device Modeling for Digital ICs
     Bipolar Junction Transistors
     Layout and fabrication related topics

III. The Inverter
     CMOS: DC and transient characteristics
     ECL: DC and transient characteristics

IV.  Basic Logic Families
     CMOS Logic Circuits
       Combinational logic gates
       Dynamic circuits and clocking
     Bipolar Logic Families
     TTL operation
     ECL logic circuits

V.   Digital Logic Units
     Sequential design and timing
     Arithmetic logic circuits
     Memories Cells and Arrays:  SRAMs, DRAMs, ROMs

VI.  Applications to Practical Design Problems
     Examples from current literature including microcomputers, control
     systems, and signal processing