ECE Course Syllabus

ECE4043 Course Syllabus


Senior Analog Electronics Laboratory (1-3-2)

ECE 3040 [min C] and ECE 3043 [min C]


Catalog Description
Experiments in analog electronics using discrete devices and off-the-shelf integrated circuits.

Leach, Brewer, & Robinson, Experiments in Analog Electronic Circuits (1st edition), Kendall Hunt, 2012. ISBN 1465232419, ISBN 9781465232410 (required)

Topical Outline
1.	Discrete Feedback Amplifiers 
   a.	Series Shunt
   b.	Shunt Series
   c.	Shunt Shunt
   d.	Series Series

2.	Current Sources
   a.	JFET
   b.	BJT
   c.	MOSFET
   d.	Current Mirrors

3.	Switched Capacitor Filters
   a.	Low Pass
   b.	High Pass
   c.	Bandpass
   d.	Notch

4.	Discrete Voltage Regulator
   a.	Open Loop
   b.	Feedback Error Correction
   c.	Foldback Current Limiting

5.	Discrete Oscillators
   a.	Colpitts
   b.	Clapp
   c.	Emitter-Coupled

6.	Discrete Op-Amp
   a.	Differential Input
   b.	Gain Stage
   c.	Push Pull Output
   d.	Slew Behavior

7.	Design Project
   a.	A task involving circuits previously developed