Senior undergraduate students in ECE work on design challenges that have real-world applications in the two-semester Senior Design course sequence. The student design teams’ efforts are showcased at an end-of-semester Capstone Design Expo. The Expo takes place at the end of each fall and spring semester and features inventions by more than 150 teams and 900 individual students. All eight schools within the College of Engineering compete, with ECE students making up close to a quarter of total participants.

ECE Senior Design is a two-semester course sequence that satisfies the major design requirement for EE and CmpE majors and provides senior ECE students with the necessary skills to address and solve open-ended design problems.

Working in teams, students will complete a two-semester-long project requiring specification, design, implementation, and testing. Projects must be based on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work, and incorporate appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints. For teams including CmpE majors, the project must incorporate both hardware and software design elements and trade-offs.

Senior Design

Many of the projects are multi-disciplinary efforts bringing together unique combinations of students with complimentary technical skills from different engineering disciplines. These technically rich joint projects offer students the opportunity to gain cross training in other disciplines ranging from biomedical, mechanical, industrial, and chemical engineering to industrial design and beyond.  Emphasis is placed on the design process, the technical aspects of the design, and on reducing the proposed design to practice.

Capstone Design Expo

The Capstone Design Expo is a showcase of Georgia Tech’s graduating seniors and has become one of the largest student design expos in the United States. It is an opportunity for student teams to present their innovative ideas designed and built during the Senior Design course sequence to solve real-world problems.

The Expo is a showcase of Georgia Tech’s graduating seniors as they present their innovations designed and built during the Senior Design course sequence. Student teams work to solve an industry sponsored challenge or develop innovative tools to assist researchers for conducting cutting edge research or work on their own dream project leading to creating a start-up company. At the Expo, the teams display and pitch their projects and inventions to a panel of judges, invited guest, media, student peers, and the general public, while competing for cash prizes.

ECE Senior Design & Capstone Expo: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Past Expos have witnessed projects that yielded significant results for our industry sponsors, saving significant dollars in research and development costs. The networking experience for students gives them the opportunity to make a lasting first impression on potential employers, while others have even walked away with an invitation to come and visit a potential employment opportunity with project sponsors and Expo attendees.


Giving Opportunities

Senior Design Projects

For permanent endowment:
  • Named Senior Design Team....................................from $125,000
  • Named Undergraduate Student Scholarship........from $25,000
  • General Program Support..........................................from $25,000
For current operations:
  • Senior Design Team, corporate sponsorship.........from $8,000
Sponsor Benefits:
  • Company logo displayed on website
  • Student recruiting and mentoring opportunities
  • Potential solution to your challenge—designed, built, and tested over 2 semesters


Capstone Design Expo

For permanent endowment:
  • General Program Support...........................................from $25,000
For current operations:
  • General Program Support, corporate sponsorship.....from $8,000
Sponsor Benefits:
  • Company logo displayed at McCamish Pavilion for Expo
  • Company logo displayed on Georgia Tech Capstone Design Expo website
  • Student recruiting opportunities
  • Participation as official judge at Expo

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