ECE Professor Faramarz Fekri to take on prominent wireless-systems role as John E. Pippin Chair, bringing expertise in wireless communication and mentorship.

Engineers Merge Technologies to Improve Inspection of Wooden Pow

Electrical engineering placed 5th in U.S. News & World Report

Georgia Tech's GEDC Receives $40 Million in Agilent EDA Softwar

This interview is the first in a series of Q&As with GT’s leading big data researchers.

The Georgia Tech Agile Communication Architectures team is one of 30 teams selected to participate in the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge.

An engineering puzzle: How do you assemble a class about religion at a place like Georgia Tech?

The Richard A. Tapia Award is awarded annually to an individual who demonstrates significant research leadership and strong commitment and contributions to diversifying computing.

Master’s Degree Comes on Heals of Bachelor’s for Cole Bevis.

A historic Jeopardy! win streak came to an end on Monday, June 3, and one Georgia Tech employee witnessed it from behind the buzzer.

It may have taken him five tries to make it, but Spencer finally achieved his goal of being admitted to Georgia Tech.

Nahom is quite possibly the best distance runner in Georgia Tech history. He became the first Georgia Tech student-athlete since 1994 to be named an all-American in cross country.

Research Paper Featuring Researchers from the School of Computer Science and School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Wins Coveted Best Paper Award.

The radar will be used to strengthen an existing collaboration between ECE and GTRI on thunderstorm and lightning development research.

Ghassan AlRegib's Omni Lab for Intelligent Visual Engineering and Science (OLIVES) is is at the forefront of today’s computer vision and visual machine learning research.

The Fall Capstone Design Expo will be held December 5, 2022 in McCamish Pavilion

Tech students and faculty will participate in Experiences of Black STEM in the Ivory: A Call to Disruptive Action.

A group of researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and Georgia Institute of Technology have teamed up under the inaugural GTRI Graduate Student Fellowship Program to develop a revolutionary cyber forensics technique called AI Psychiatry.

The research presents new semiconductor chemistries that allow for improved semiconductor quality.

Q&A with Linda Wills, ECE’s Inaugural Chair’s Professor for Teaching Excellence

Learn more about the School’s newest academic members below and hear why they're excited to be joining one of the country’s top ECE programs.

His research could enable a clean, cheaper, and more flexible energy future even if household energy consumption increases.

This year’s milestone event featured guests who played an important role in the development of ORS.

ECE Professor Sung-Kyu Lim named Motorola Solutions Foundation Professor, effective April 1, 2022.

The next DOE-sponsored Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) set to begin in Fall 2022.

The 2022 awards recognized 52 students, five staff members and four faculty members.

A quiet, self-effacing, and gentle man garnered the respect and admiration of all who knew him or of him, and leaves us with an enduring legacy.

Since it’s creation in 2014, Create-X has served 5,000 students generating $100 million in venture capital.

The GRA has been a significant factor in bringing outstanding faculty to Georgia’s research institutions, especially ECE.

Once the size of ants, these Georgia Tech 3D-printed micro-robots can now only be seen under a microscope.

The prestigious appointment is effective April 1, 2022.

The promotion and/or tenure will be effective August 22, 2022.

Electrical engineering moves up one spot to fourth.


The search for the new GTRI Deputy Director for Research for the Information and Cyber Sciences Directorate (ICSD) is complete, and on April 18, William H. Robinson, Ph.D., will assume the role.

The K99/R00 Pathway award provides support for up to two-year postdoctoral mentored phase and a successive three-year independent phase as a principal investigator.

The prestigious award is presented annually to one individual in recognition of their contributions to automatic control education in any form.

She is being recognized for her research contributions in “highly-efficient, power-dense and fault-tolerant multilevel converter-based medium-voltage drives.”

ECE student who is on a mission to fight the climate crisis wins best paper at PVSC.