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Outreach Programs

ECE Outreach

Georgia Tech ECE outreach programs offer several great ways for future prospective students, parents, and teachers to get to learn about electrical and computer engineering and how these industries fuel modern technology. Our innovative programs give middle school and high school students an inside look into the center of dreaming, designing, and getting it done at Georgia Tech ECE. Parents, teachers, and counselors can also learn about or refresh their knowledge of ECE and the variety of cutting-edge career options through our vast resources. Explore all of our pre-college and college programs—a whole new world of opportunities awaits.

Pre-College Programs

We coordinate several major programs for high school teachers and pre-college students of various ages, as well as tours of ECE facilities and speaking engagements at metro Atlanta schools. Our programs, organized in partnership with local public schools and magnet programs, include a hands-on interactive robotics experience for ages nine through 14, an eight-week summer training program for high school physics and engineering teachers, and much more. Find your program.

College Programs

Georgia Tech ECE is dedicated to providing enriching, topnotch college programs to undergraduates who are attending other colleges in the United States. Our college programs include a 10-week summer research experience for minority students pursuing an engineering or science degree, as well as a National Science Foundation-supported summer research experience in robotics for junior and senior undergraduates from U.S. institutions. Find your program.  


Are you thinking about becoming an electrical engineer or computer engineer? Or are you a parent or teacher who just wants to learn more? Check out career options in these fields, courses to take, and more general education about electrical and computer engineering. View resources. 

Equipment Available for Demonstrations 

The following equipment, demos, and experimental set-ups are available for faculty and student organizations to check out during outreach events or school visits.

  1. Van de Graaff generator (400kV) and discharge wand
  2. High-frequency Tesla Coil (50kV)
  3. Ring launcher to demonstrate Lenz’s law
  4. Levitation kit with 1” superconductor disc (requires liquid nitrogen)
  5. Leyden jar
  6. Spectrum set for studying spectral lines.  Includes Helium, Hydrogen, and Neon spectrum tubes.
  7. Hydrogen fuel-cell system that uses proton-exchange membrane technology (requires distilled water and a table lamp)
  8. Twenty-five sets of simple buzzer circuit (good for elementary students).  Includes a buzzer, 9V battery, push-button switch and wire connectors. 
  9. Power generation with LED and incandescent bulbs to show efficiency
  10. Solar power generation system
  11. Lego mobile robot showing the effect of active control
  12. 4-bit binary adder circuit
  13. Electricity lab kits suitable for middle school science class




Last revised January 19, 2021