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Abdollahramezani Receives IEEE Photonics Society (IPS) 2022 Graduate Student Scholarship

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Sajjad Abdollahramezani, a Ph.D. candidate in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been selected to receive a 2022 Graduate Student Scholarship from the IEEE Photonics Society.

The IEEE Photonics Society is a technical community of more than 100,000 professionals dedicated to transforming breakthroughs in quantum physics into devices, systems and products. The society enables networking and promotes professional growth within the photonics and optics community. Each year, ten outstanding society student members from around the world are awarded an IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Scholarship.

Abdollahramezani has been a member of ECE’s Photonics Research Group, directed by Ali Adibi, the Professor and Joseph M. Pettit Chair in Electronics and Nanophotonics, since 2017. His Ph.D. research is focused on design, optimization, fabrication, and demonstration of reconfigurable metasurfaces for capturing and manipulating an entire light field (to enable applications like imaging, spectroscopy, and computing). According to Adibi, Abdollahramezani’s research will not only provide new ways of designing, understanding, and fabricating new classes of metasurface-based devices and systems for imaging, computing, and spectroscopy, but it also enables novel classes of reconfigurable nanophotonics devices for emerging applications such as biosensing and quantum engineering.

Abdollahramezani received this year’s ECE Graduate Research Assistant Excellence Award, which is presented to ECE graduate students who have been highly dedicated to conducting world-class research and who are considered leaders in their respective research groups. He completed his undergraduate degree at Isfahan University of Technology and received his MSc from Sharif University of Technology.

Read more about Abdollahramezani and Adibi’s work in “Shaping the Future of Light through Reconfigurable Metasurfaces.


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