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Hearts for Campus Returns for Second Year

Atlanta, GA
Hearts for Campus

Paper hearts hangs from a campus tree displaying messages from a member of the campus community. Photo courtesy of SMILE

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As students, faculty, and staff return for the fall semester, they are invited to share short, personalized messages that will be displayed around campus during the first weeks of classes.

SMILE has once again organized Hearts for Campus, where all members of the GT community are encouraged to submit messages that represent something meaningful to them about Georgia Tech. These messages are then printed onto white and gold hearts and hung from campus trees for all to read. Last Fall, more than 800 messages were displayed to welcome people back after Spring and Summer 2020 classes took place remotely.

“There was such a positive response to the project last year that we wanted to see if this could become an annual event to bring the community together for the start of each fall semester,” said Heather Fleming, president of SMILE. “Hearts for Campus has been a great way to get people to positively reflect on their Tech experiences heading into the new school year.”

The campus community is invited to submit messages through a Google form at tinyurl.com/heartsforcampus. Messages are on display now and will continue to be added as they are received. Submissions close Aug. 28, and the hearts will be on display through early September.

“Seeing everyone read each other's messages creates a super welcoming environment. There is something really cool about walking through campus and realizing each heart represents a different member of the community,” said Fleming.

Submit your message today.

Last revised August 24, 2021