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Lyn Selected for CoE Soaring Jacket Award

Atlanta, GA
Dean Raheem Beyah and Janine Lyn

Dean Raheem Beyah and Janine Lyn

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Janine Lyn received the Soaring Jacket Award at the Georgia Tech College of Engineering (CoE) Staff Appreciation event, held on August 3, 2021 at the Tech Green. She is a faculty support coordinator in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

The CoE Soaring Jacket Award specifically recognizes an exceptional employee who is a self-motivated critical thinker who holds herself/himself accountable for the quality of their work and their interactions with others. This employee goes above and beyond in executing responsibilities, has a consistently positive attitude, shows a high level of professionalism, is a team player, displays genuine concern and care for colleagues, consistently does exceptional work, and is an effective problem solver.

Lyn has been with ECE since February 2015. She first worked as an administrative professional III in the ECE School Chair's Office. Since 2017, Lyn has been a faculty support coordinator, where she works with nine faculty members and their student research groups.

Whenever Lyn is asked to work on a task – whether it is from one of her faculty, one of their students, or anyone else in the School — her colleagues said that she ensures that she understands the request and completes it with the utmost attention to detail. Lyn is very knowledgeable of ECE’s and Georgia Tech’s various work processes, and she willingly helps to train or offer guidance to other staff members.

Described as very proactive, Lyn is an excellent researcher when she does not know the answer to an inquiry or is unsure of how to perform a task. She is determined to find answers and point her faculty and students in the right direction.

Lyn is very positive, encouraging, and helpful to everyone she encounters. Her colleagues said that she soared in her job performance prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, provided stellar service throughout the pandemic, and will continue to soar and lead others in the future.   

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to ECE, Janine! We are very proud of you and your achievements.

Last revised August 11, 2021