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Tentzeris Takes Best of Session Award at IEEE Electronics Conference

Emmanouil "Manos" Tentzeris won the best of session award at the IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference, held in Las Vegas June 1-4. Dr. Tentzeris is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.

His paper, "Inkjet-Printed System-on-Paper/Polymer 'Green' RFID and Wireless Sensors," was chosen for this honor by a majority vote of 150 attendants of the focused RF session.

The work presented in this paper potentially sets the foundation for the first "green" generation of RFID-enabled sensors for biomonitoring, environmental monitoring, energy conservancy, and wearable electronics. It is also the first practical demonstration of nanotechnology, inkjet-printed electronics and sensing on ultra-low cost paper substrates, a critical step for the first "Internet of things" implementations.

Dr. Tentzeris' coauthors on the paper are his graduate students, Rushi Vyas, Vasilis Lakafosis, Anya Traille, Amin Rida, and George Shaker.

Last revised May 15, 2020