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Not Your Grandfather's Graduate Degree

Atlanta, GA

Written by Michael Terrazas | Edited by Stacy Braukman

Georgia Tech’s OMS programs are transforming online graduate education and changing lives — from computer science to analytics to cybersecurity. And it’s only the beginning.

Samantha Campo was an elementary school teacher in New Jersey with no formal education in computer science.

Dan Hawks was an Atlanta media consultant who wanted to understand more about the analytics he was using in his job.

Jasmine McCray was a software developer in South Carolina who needed an affordable path to the next step in her career.

Katja Krivoruchko was a California software engineer, five months’ pregnant and ready to go back to school.

And Harkirat Virk was an officer in the Indian Army, stationed in his country’s northern mountains, where electricity — much less an internet connection — is hard to come by.

What do they all have in common? Each became a successful Georgia Tech graduate student. Each is putting that education to work in achieving their professional aspirations. And each is now connected to hundreds, even thousands, of classmates and alumni across every continent, many with similar stories — who may never meet face to face.

Five letters now connect these learners forever. The first two — GT — are known around the world, and the other three — OMS — are becoming better known by the day.

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Last revised August 21, 2018