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Ghovanloo Receives NSF CAREER Award

Maysam Ghovanloo has received an National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his project, "Brain-Tongue Computer Interfacing."

This award will continue to build on and improve the existing Tongue Drive System (TDS) by creating a Brain-Tongue-Computer Interface (BTCI). This interface will use the strong neuronal connection between brain and tongue motion as a novel untapped human motor output to substitute or complement some of the functions traditionally performed by the arms and hands in disabled and able-bodied individuals. The project also enhances the functionality of the TDS hardware, signal processing algorithms, and user interface to improve its usability in various environments.

The BTCI research will ultimately transform the lives of persons with severe disabilities by helping them live active, self-supportive, and productive lives. Solutions such as BTCI may also help reduce health care and assisted living costs by relieving the burden on family members and dedicated caregivers.

An assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 2007, Dr. Ghovanloo specializes in bioengineering and electronic design and applications. Before coming to Georgia Tech, he was on the ECE faculty at North Carolina State University.

Last revised May 15, 2020