Vijay Madisetti and Arshdeep Bahga have released a new textbook entitled Big Data Science & Analytics: A Hands-On Approach. Both are employed with the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where Madisetti is a professor and Bahga is a research engineer.

This textbook is part of the “Hands-On Approach” series from the same authors. A previous book in the series, Cloud Computing, was recognized by ACM Computing Reviews as part of the 19th Annual Best in Computing in the 2014 list as a “Notable Book."

Cloud computing, mobile applications, Internet of Things, and analytics-driven business intelligence are changing the face of information technology and its use in business. Recent industry surveys predict that there will be millions of new jobs created in the areas of big data and analytics.

This new textbook attempts to provide a solid foundation in the areas of big data science and analytics in a manner that can be taught in colleges and universities to students who have completed at least one course in programming languages. Through extensive use of examples and case studies, with full code support, the book allows students to learn through doing. Corporations wishing to jump start their internal developments in the areas of big data and analytics may also find the book useful.

The book proposes a new design methodology and associated patterns for big data analytics applications that allows the use of design frameworks and big data stacks from leading cloud vendors such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Detailed examples in Python and class-tested case studies describe implementation of big data analytics applications using these tools and frameworks, including Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Spark, Storm, Kafka, HBase, and other NoSQL databases and connectors.

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