ECE Assistant Professor Bo Hong has received an NSF CAREER Award for his project entitled "Adaptive Concurrency Management for Multicore Computing."

Given the increasing emphasis on multicore computing, concurrency management will likely be one of the key techniques used to unleash the power of multicore processors. In this work, Dr. Hong aims to optimize thread-level concurrency, investigate architecture features for efficient shared data accesses, and use those features to dynamically control the advancement of concurrent threads and the allocation of CPU resources.

Results from Dr. Hong's research are expected to significantly improve the performance of multicore computing and expand the range of applications that can benefit from such processor platforms. This work is expected to facilitate efficient multicore processing for computation-demanding applications in science, engineering, and business.

Dr. Hong is based at Georgia Tech Savannah and is the second ECE faculty member at that campus to receive an NSF CAREER Award. He came to Georgia Tech in September 2008, after spending three years as an assistant professor with the ECE Department at Drexel University.