The 2022 ML4Seismic Industry Partners Meeting at the CODA Building

The 2022 ML4Seismic Industry Partners Meeting was held November 16-18 at the CODA Building in midtown Atlanta.

ML4Seismic is a joint initiative at Georgia Tech between the Omni Lab for Intelligent Visual Engineering and Science (OLIVES) lead by professor Ghassan AlRegib (ECE) and the Seismic Laboratory for Imaging and Modeling (SLIM) lead by professor Felix J. Herrmann (EAS, CSE, ECE), innovators in the energy sector, and major cloud providers.

The initiative is designed to foster research partnerships aimed to drive innovations in artificial intelligence assisted seismic imaging, interpretation, analysis, and monitoring in the cloud. A key research theme is developing unsupervised machine learning methods to unburden the seismic interpreter from manually annotated data. The incorporation of uncertainty into network estimations provides more insight to decision makers about the confidence of network predictions. The work has resulted in countless impactful publications already, along with three open-source datasets for benchmarking ML algorithms for accuracy and efficiency.

Other areas of interest include, but are not limited to, low-environmental impact time-lapse acquisition, data-constrained image segmentation, classification, physics-constrained machine learning, and uncertainty quantification. These research areas are well aligned with Georgia Tech’s strengths in computational/data sciences and engineering.

Thank you to the ML4Seismic Industry Partners!

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Ph.D. candidate Ahmad Mustafa
Ph.D. candidate Kiran Kokilepersaud
Ph.D. candidate Ryan Benkert
Mohit Prabushankar, a Georgia Tech postdoctoral fellow, speaking at the 2022 ML4Seismic Industry Partners Meeting