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ECE Student Seminar: 30+ Years in 30 Minutes – A Whirlwind Tour of My Professional Life

Event Details

Monday, October 18, 2021

12:30pm - 1:20pm

Van Leer Building, Room C241

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Event Details

Date: Monday, Oct 18, 2021

Time: 12:30pm-1:20pm

Location: Van Leer C241

Speaker: Jesse Markowitz

Speaker’s Title: Cloud Services Manager

Speaker’s Affiliation: OpenText (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Seminar Title: 30+ Years in 30 Minutes – A Whirlwind Tour of My Professional Life

Abstract of Talk: This presentation will cover three main areas.  After a brief introduction, the first topic discussed will be the why and how I went to Georgia Tech.  This will be followed by my early career as a computer programmer.  The last area will discuss my later career, particularly the transition from programming to management as well as my latest passion project – Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  At the end I'll have some concluding thoughts and then time for Q&A.  Throughout the presentation there will be a number of stories that will illustrate the real-world challenges you might face and lessons learned.  

Biographical Sketch of the Speaker: Jesse has a BSEE from Georgia Tech, an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin as well as various Microsoft, PMI, Amazon, Google and other certifications.   He has worked in the computer industry for 35 years as a programmer, trainer, technical sales consultant, project manager, district manager and most recently as cloud services manager.  He has taught SAT prep courses as well as a variety of computer systems courses.  In addition to his full-time job managing Cloud based systems he also offers consulting and small group presentations on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  He can be reached at JMarkowi@OpenText.com and Jesse@YourPersonalCryptoAssistant.com.

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